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Why traffic congestion is a classic example of the problem of Essay

Why traffic congestion is a classic example of the problem of externalities - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that traffic congestion is the most significant problem in a large number of cities of the world. Traffic congestion is regarded as an example of consumption externality. It is reported by the experts that negative externalities do take place when consumption or production of a good or service by one person imposes a burden of cost on the other people. The result which is achieved from such a scenario does damage the environment. Traffic Congestion produces negative externalities. The present research has identified that various external costs are imposed upon by journeys through cars in the forms of air pollution, traffic congestion, noise pollution, change in climate and accident.   Peaking is responsible for creating traffic congestion. Suppose that a road network is already running at its full capacity. At this kind of situation, if an additional car joins the network, then it is quite evident that it would result in the fall of an av erage speed of all the cars in that road network that in turn would increase the time of journey for all.   Beyond the full road capacity, the cost that a journey through a private car has to bear gets increased due to congestion as it creates more delays in time as well as larger costs of fuel. If an individual takes the decision to drive his/her car at the time of going to work, the ability of the decision actually makes the same road a bit more crowded.... All the additional costs are taken into account, such as extra costs of fuel. Negative externalities are always considered by the economists as undesirable because they help in creating inefficiencies. It simply implies that people indulge in driving even if they should not do so from a societal perspective. For instance, if one estimates that all the benefits of going for a drive including more comfort and more flexible journey surpass the costs of driving in the form of fuel costs and costs of maintenance, then the person would choose driving through personal car as the best mean for going out to work. But, in this calculation, the person has surely neglected some vital component: the costs for longer period which the person would impose on other commuters inadvertently. Thus traffic congestion becomes a classic example of the problem of externality. (Litman, 2003; Lindsey, 2006) 2. Consider the ways in which private motorists will respond to road charges and comment on the private motorists' price elasticity of demand for road use. According to the theory of demand, an increase in price of a normal good/service will cause a fall in the quantity demanded for that good. This logic holds true for the road use by private cars as well. Imposition of road charges implies that costs of road use will increase for private motorists. Given the same benefits derived from going out with a private car, road charges cause the average costs to rise. It will simply result in a fall in the road use by private motorists. They would now prefer to go with a bus or travel in some other time when congestion is lower. Thus the private motorists respond to a road pricing either by reducing the same road usage at peak

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Jews and Chapter Essay Example for Free

Jews and Chapter Essay 1. Elie’s first impression of the camp at Buna was that it looked empty and dead as if an epidemic had hit. 2. Elie and his father have to work in a factory where they fix electrical circuits. 3. The Jewish dentist is caught stealing the prisoner’s gold teeth and was ordered to be hung. 4. The part of Elie’s body that is aware of the passage of time is his stomach because he goes a long time without getting anything to eat. 5. Idek accused Elie’s father of being lazy and not doing his job. Elie just sits there and watches silently. 6. The dentist from Warsaw uses a rusty old spoon to extract Elie’s gold crown. 7. Elie is whipped by Idek an amount of 25 times for leaving his area of work. 8. The ones who bombed Buna were the Americans. 9. The pipel is hanged because he was found under the possession of weapons. 10. The pipel’s hanging was different from any others because everybody loved the pipel. He also suffered and died slowly. Chapter 5: 1. During the prayer being said for Rosh Hashanah, Elie refuses to fast and thinks that God has forgotten about them and since then starts to lose his faith in him. 2. Elie feels abandoned by God and imagines a world without mankind. 3. According to the veterans of Buna, they say that it is like a little paradise because there were selections every week that were very brutal. They would also suffer a lot of cold because they didn’t get the warm clothes and blankets. 4. The thing the prisoners fear the most at the camp are the selections. 5. Dr. Mengele is t one who is in charge of the selections. 6. The inheritance Elie’s father gives him just in case he doesn’t make it through the second selection is a knife and an old spoon. 7. When Elie made the statement, he meant that Hitler had kept his promise of killing all of the Jewish people, and God had not kept his promise of helping them. 8. Elie and his father decided to evacuate with the others because they thought the sick ones were going to be sent to the crematorium. Elie later found out they were liberated by the Russians. If he and his father had stayed, they would have been liberated at that time as well. 9. The wooden floor of the barrack is cleaned before they leave because the SS want the Red Army to know that men had been living there, not pigs. 10. Whether or not Elie should fast. Chapter 6: 1. The prisoners have to run for hours, and if anybody fails to keep up, they are shot. It was also very cold and windy. 2. Zalman can’t continue to march because he felt like his stomach was going to explode. 3. The presence of his father gives Elie the strength to continue the march because he feels like his father is his â€Å"soul support. † 4. The violin is so important to Juliek because it is the only thing he loves to do the most. 5. Juliek playing Beethoven’s concerto was so important because he had not been able to play it before, and there, he played out his life and a tribute to everyone. 6. When he said that, he was referring to the broken violin. Chapter 7: 1. When he woke up, he thought his dad was dead because he was not moving. 2. Elie, years later, asks a woman not to throw out money to the poor because it reminded him of the pieces of bread being thrown into the cattle car by a man. It was so bad a son killed his own father for a tiny piece of bread. 3. It is horrific because everyone is so hungry they are fighting for a little piece of bread and the men have become like beasts. It is sad because a father was killed by his own son. 4. Elie and his father end up going to Buchenwald. Chapter 8: 1. Elie is angry because his father wanted to sleep, but if he went to sleep, he would die. 2. Elie started thinking like the rabbi’s son when he had promised himself he would never do that. He thought it would be easier if his father died, that way he would only need to take care of himself. 3. While Elie’s father is sick, he tries to help him by giving him his ration of soup and bread, while he also watched him instead of going to work and stuff. 4. When Elie’s father keeps asking for water, he is struck and beat by the SS. Chapter 9: 1. After the death of his father, Elie feels that there is no longer any valid reason to keep living. 2. The Germans are concerned with liquidating the cap and evacuating the prisoners because they do not want other countries to see what they are doing to the Jewish population. 3. The thing that stops the final evacuation of the camp is the resistance movement. 4. After they are liberated, all the Jews wanted to eat since they had gone six days without food. 5. At the end of the novel, Elie’s reflection stares back at him and he describes his image as a living corpse.

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The Way it Was :: essays research papers

Washington Post: Research Points to a Key Alzheimer’s Risk factor Key Terms: Amino Acids: An organic molecule with a hydrogen atom, amino group, an acid group, an â€Å"R† group which are all covalently bonded to a hydrogen atom. Genes: Unit of information about a heritable trait passed from parents to their offspring. Hypothesis: possible explanation, of a phenomenon, one that has potential to be proved false by experimental tests. Statins: cholesterol lowering drugs. Text References: Chapter 16: Recombinant DNA and Genetic Engineering- pg. 741-743 on vitamins and the essential amino acids. Summary: Researchers believe that homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood, is the cause for an increased number of deaths from Alzheimer’s disease. Chances of getting this disease are believed to almost be doubled due to high content of the amino acid in the blood. Scientists believe now that they can determine people who are at greater risk and also be able correct the problem. The answer, scientists believe, is to simply lower the high amounts of homocysteine in the blood by taking certain vitamin supplements.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  New research by scientists have led us to the conclusion that the higher amounts of homocysteine in the blood the greater chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. In the late 1980’s , scientists studied 1,100 participants all with the average age of 75, to see what amount of homocysteine was present in their blood. Approximately eight years later, 10% of those tested had developed dementia, most of its attribute to Alzheimer’s. The 30% which had the highest content of homocysteine in their blood had twice the risk of developing the disease.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The data found by scientists has lead them to believe homocysteine is the cause for elevated occurrences of Alzheimers disease. Scientists believe that homocysteine accounts for 15% of the populations risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Obviously if the 15% of those cases were prevented that would mean a much fewer amount of cases of Alzheimer’s disease from occurring.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Willaim Jagust a neurologist from the University of California at Davis tends to disagree with the results. Dr. Jagust states, â€Å"If we lower homocysteine levels, will we lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease?† He questions homocysteine because he says there are many other factors which play a role involving dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Prometheus and Gaea

Prometheus and Gaga: Any Rand's Choice of Characters Throughout Greek mythology Prometheus Is known as the fire bearing Titan who rebelled against Zeus and saved the world from his curse of a hatless and lightness punishment. Like wise, Equality In Anthem also rebels against his government in response to seeing the corruption within it. These similarities show how their lives exemplify the Ideal of individualism. Furthermore, Gaga, the goddess of earth, is comparable with The Golden one from Anthem; both would be seen as the beginning of a new race.In particular, Prometheus and Equality trails and experiences correlate to each other and elicit the motives behind their audacious actions. Ultimately, Any Rand changes the names of her characters to Prometheus and Gaga as their lives parallel the lives of Equality and the Golden One both with similar trials and sacrifices for the sake of mankind. Prometheus and Equality rebellion are similar. They both passionately desire prosperity for their human race and are willing to rebel against a higher power to achieve it.Initially, their rebellion against a higher power is quite similar: â€Å"The rebel Prometheus, who had taken such a arsenal risk for mankind, now was faced with getting the fire back down to earth. † (Pontoons; Prometheus; Mythology's Original Rebel). Furthermore, Equality rebelled against the higher power that threatened his humanity: † You fools! ‘ we cried. You fools! ‘ You thrice-damned fools! † (Rand, page 75). Here Equality calls the highest power, the Council of the Scholars, â€Å"Thrice-damned fools† because they reject his offering to humanity.Later, Equality vows to protect his chosen brothers and start a new rebellion race that would be based off Individualism and loyalty. He wanted to rate a new race of humans, a race that would be superior to the people that he grew up with. He would add things that would make them like gods relative to that of the past humans, such as individualism and reverence for there own spirit. Here, Rand displays Equality plans for mankind, â€Å"Our son will be raised as a man. He will be taught to say ‘I' and to bear the pride of it.He will be taught to walk straight and on his own feet. He will be taught reverence for his own spirit† (Rand, page 100). Likewise, Pontoons also describes Prometheus' view on the creation of humans when e writes, â€Å"Prometheus had created humans in the likeness of gods† and also when he says, â€Å"Prometheus, the wise Titan, made man stand upright like the gods to be noble and conscious and to hold his head high, looking up at the heavens† (Pontoons, Prometheus; Mythology Original Rebel).These similarities regarding rebellion and recreation of humans between Equality and Prometheus elicit their motives and exemplify how their lives are parallel. Throughout Greek mythology, Gaga Is known as Mother Earth, the creator of life, and the goddess of E arth. The characteristics of others during the creations of Gaga and The Golden One are the overarching theme between Anthem and Saga's myths. These characteristics correspond with how Any Rand describes The Golden One, â€Å"Let this be your name, my Golden One, for you are to be the mother of a new kind of gods† (Rand, 99).Thus the Golden one Is described as the mother of a new kind of race. Ironically, a motif throughout Anthem as we came to the northern road, we kept our eyes upon Liberty 5-3000 in the field†¦ Then one day they came close to the hedge, and suddenly they turned to us†¦ They stood still as a stone† (Rand, Page 39, 40). The Golden One is associated numerous times with nature and defined by it. An example of this is when the Golden One feeds Equality water from the stream; the love that they share is bridged through mother-earth.The numerous displays of nature exhibited through the Golden one emphasizes how their live are comparable and import antly parallel. Another aspect of Prometheus and Equality lives that are consistent includes their experiences. Firstly, both accepted severe torture for the sake of mankind. In Prometheus' case, he angered Zeus by fooling him and stealing the fire from the Palace of the gods and rough it back to earth, where Zeus prohibited it. This angered Zeus so much that he put Prometheus through excruciating torture for up to 30,000 years.Parallel to Prometheus, equality was whipped and tortured because of his disobedience to answer to the Council of the Home. Likewise, both Prometheus and Equality were forced into questioning, but both refused: † Where have you been? But we Jerked our head away, hid our face upon our tied hands, and bit our lips† (Rand, page 65). And also in Prometheus' story: â€Å"Zeus offers Prometheus a chance to free himself by veiling information that Prometheus knew' This idea of endurance is relevant in both situations and it underscores the willing passi on that both characters possessed for their human race.Gaga is also known for yielding offspring with Uranus, the god of the sky, and showing sheer courage in ordering her son Crocus to decapitate his genitals: â€Å"Uranus was afraid that one of his Titan children would end up overthrowing him†¦ The Titans were thus imprisoned by Uranus in Tartar's, a region of the Underworld†¦ From the blood of Uranus that fell on her, Gaga conceived Eeriness†¦ Gaga may have saved Zeus from a fate similar to his father's Crocus]† (Pontoons; â€Å"Gaga?Mother Earth†). With passion, The Golden One abandoned her former life of slavery to follow Equality.The Golden One showed courage by escaping the city and vowing herself to Equality for life; this step of faith would lead her to produce offspring Just as Gaga did. The similarities in their beliefs and their willingness to take action in time of despair are Just another aspect of how these characters are parallel. On the whole, the ultimate name change of Any Rand's characters?Greek gods Prometheus and Gaga?are symbolic representations of the ivies of Equality and The Golden One. They willingly submit their lives for the greater good of creation.Overall, Any Rand's choice of Prometheus is Justified through the rebellions, tortures, and goals for humanity that parallel Equality. Any Rand's choice of Gaga is relevant as well because of the courage and traits that The Golden One and Gaga share. In conclusion, Any Rand saw the personalities of Prometheus and Gaga and viewed them as perfect matches for Equality and The Golden One. Thinking in the here and now, how would today's world fare without brave leaders such as The Golden One and Equality?

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Drug Abuse A Large Drawback Within The U. S - 1910 Words

Drug abuse could be a large drawback within the u. s.. it s caused by the misuse of the many totally different medicine that may cause you to urge high, overdose, and even lose your mind. medicine is abused in a very kind of other ways by individuals from each totally different variety of walk of life. Most folks are suffering from abuse either directly or indirectly. whether or not you grew up around it otherwise you simply met somebody or knew somebody that was suffering from the utilization of medicine. Drug abusers hurt themselves, further as their families, others that care, and conjointly the communities. abuse takes a huge toll on our society at many alternative levels. the price of abuse on our society is astronomical, not solely financially however conjointly in person, showing emotion, socially and professionally, whereas it s mentally moving the those that ar exploitation the drug. abuse is that the misuse or drug of any medication or drug, as well as alcohol, plants, and currently they even create things we tend to use round the shower, as well as tub salt, a natural high that associate degree very have an effect on the items we tend to do on an everyday basis. Today, these practices area unit threatening the inspiration of our society. Range the quantity of confirmed youth is increasing in number a day, devastation the full economy of our nation. Thousands of proficient youth s careers and also the dream of their folks area unit shattering a day because ofShow MoreRelatedAirborne Express 714476 Words   |  58 Pagesand it is increasing a case of one size fits all. According to the passage, although style and format are largely driven by the U.S. youth culture, content is tailored entirely to local markets. 2. Some people are concerned that teens exposed to large doses of U.S. youth culture on MTV networks will begin to identify less and less with their own societies. Others worry that teenager consumers in developing countries want more and more Western goods that they can’t afford. MTV’s response to suchRead MoreErp Sap Research Paper46896 Words   |  188 Pagespage within text. Copyright  © 2009 by Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 07458. Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), writeRead MoreInternal Revenue Code 1939278050 Words   |  1113 PagesUNITED STATES STATUTES AT LARGE CONTAINING THE LAWS AND CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS ENACTED DURING THE FIRST SESSION OF THE SEVENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1939 AND TREATIES, INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES, AND PROCLAMATIONS COMPILED, EDITED, INDEXED, AND PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY OF LAW UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE VOLUME 53 PART 1 INTERNAL REVENUE CODE APPROVED FEBRUARY 10, 1939 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTONRead MorePrinciples of Managerial Finance4870 Words   |  20 Pagesof Corporate Investment Decisions Kim/Nofsinger Corporate Governance Van Horne Financial Management and Policy Madura Personal Finance* Van Horne/Wachowicz Fundamentals of Financial Management Marthinsen Risk Takers: Uses and Abuses of Financial Derivatives Weston/Mitchel/Mulherin Takeovers, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance McDonald Derivatives Markets titles Log onto to learn more Principles of Managerial Finance ThirteenthRead MorePrinciple of Finance4845 Words   |  20 Pagesof Corporate Investment Decisions Kim/Nofsinger Corporate Governance Van Horne Financial Management and Policy Madura Personal Finance* Van Horne/Wachowicz Fundamentals of Financial Management Marthinsen Risk Takers: Uses and Abuses of Financial Derivatives Weston/Mitchel/Mulherin Takeovers, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance McDonald Derivatives Markets titles Log onto to learn more Principles of Managerial Finance ThirteenthRead MoreEthical and Social Issues in Information Systems20165 Words   |  81 Pagessystem. It is equipping buses with GPS locators and special-needs children riding those buses with ID cards that log when they get on and off their buses. Parents receive secret codes that enable them to use the Internet to track their children. S3’s monitoring center picks up GPS information from the tracking devices and monitors the locations of the buses on video screens. Most of the monitoring is automated, and the S3 staff intervenes primarily in emergencies. S3 maintains each day’s trackingRead MoreAbnormal Psychology. Classification and Assessment of Abnormal Behavior20707 Words   |  83 PagesPsychological Tests STANDARDS OF ASSESSMENT 77–80 Neuropsychological Assessment Reliability Behavioral Assessment Validity Cognitive Assessment Physiological Measurement SOCIOCULTURAL AND ETHNIC FACTORS IN ASSESSMENT 99–100 SUMMING UP 100–101 T R U T H or F I C T I O N â€Å"Jerry Has a Panic Attack on the Interstate† Interviewer: Can you tell me a bit about what it was that brought you to the clinic? Jerry: Well, . . . after the first of the year, I started getting these panic attacks. I didn’tRead More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 PagesSample Proportion 461 445 Activity 8.1 Do Students Who Take the SATs Multiple Times Have an Advantage in College Admissions? 468 Graphing Calculator Explorations 471 9 Estimation Using a Single Sample 9.1 Point Estimation 476 475 9.2 Large-Sample Conï ¬ dence Interval for a Population Proportion 482 9.3 Conï ¬ dence Interval for a Population Mean 495 x ââ€"   Contents 9.4 Interpreting and Communicating the Results of Statistical Analyses 508 Activity 9.1 Getting a Feel for Conï ¬ denceRead MoreQuality Improvement328284 Words   |  1314 Pages an elected member of the International Statistical Institute, and an elected Academican of the International Academy of Quality. He is a Shewhart Medalist of the American Society for Quality, and he also has received the Brumbaugh Award, the Lloyd S. Nelson Award, the William G. Hunter Award, and two Shewell Awards from the ASQ. He is a recipient of the Ellis R. Ott Award. He is a former editor of the Journal of Quality Technology, is one of the current chief editors of Quality and Reliability EngineeringRead MoreA Theoretical Perspective on Dowry Deaths in India22724 Words   |  91 Pages b) How has the concept of dowry evolved in India? c) What are the various sections of the statutes applicable to the crime of dowry death? d) What are the drawbacks with respect to judicial intervention in the cases of dowry deaths? e) What can be done by the responsible authorities and by the society at large to prevent the occurrence of dowry deaths? Research tools: The research of this project was carried out with the help of internet and the books available in the library

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Get the Definition of Schwa With Examples in English

The term  schwa  (from the Hebrew; pronounced SHWA with alternate spelling shwa) was first used in  linguistics  by the 19th-century German  philologist  Jacob Grimm. The  schwa is the most common vowel sound in English, represented as É™ in the International Phonetic Alphabet. Any vowel letter can stand for the schwa sound. Only words with two or more syllables may have a schwa, which is also called the  mid-central vowel. The schwa represents a mid-central vowel in an unstressed syllable, such as the second syllable in the word woman and the second syllable in the word buses.   Examples and Observations It is extremely important. ... to recognize that pronouncing unstressed vowels as schwa is not lazy or sloppy. All native speakers of Standard English, including the Queen of England, the Prime Minister of Canada, and the President of the United States, use schwa.(Avery, Peter and Susan Ehrlich. Teaching American English Pronunciation, Oxford University Press, 1992.) Reduced Vowels Vowels change in quality when they are reduced. The reduced vowel tends to be not only very short but also very unclear, producing an obscure sound that is hard to identify. Consider, as an example, the name of the California town Orinda, pronounced /É™rin-dÉ™/, with the first vowel and the last vowel reduced to schwa. Only the second vowel in the word, the stressed vowel, maintains its clarity. The other two vowels are very unclear.(Gilbert, Judy B. Clear Speech: Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension in North American English, 3rd ed., Cambridge University Press, 2005.) Dialectal Variations in Schwa Usage If you listen for it, you can hear schwa in all sorts of places where syllables arent stressed—for example, at the beginnings of words like official, occasion, event, and fatigue. Many people... feel that schwa-ful pronunciations are lazy, but really you would sound pretty odd if you did pronounce the full vowel in place of schwa in these words. Pronunciations like ohfficial and ohccasion sound unnatural and rather theatrical. Schwa also occurs in the middle of words like coronation and afterwards. Again, it would be peculiar not to sound schwa in this position—for instance, corohnation for coronation. ... Schwa usage varies greatly between dialects. Australian English speakers often put schwas in places where British and American speakers wont. Striking differences are also now appearing as a consequence of the worldwide spread of English.(Burridge, Kate. Blooming English: Observations on the Roots, Cultivation and Hybrids of the English Language, Cambridge University Press, 2004.) Schwa and Zero Schwa In terms of duration—a phonetic property that the IPA vowel chart does not indicate—schwa is typically quite short, and this short duration may covary with its tendency to be coarticulated. ... [G]iven its short duration and its consequent tendency to camouflage itself to its context through coarticulation, schwa may be confused with its absence, setting up a situation in which schwa-zero alternations may take hold in a system...(Silverman, Daniel. Schwa The Blackwell Companion to Phonology, edited by Marc van Oostendorp et al., Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.) Schwa and English Spelling For the most part, the schwa vowel sound in a two-syllable word is identified by the uh pronunciation and sound. Oftentimes, children spell chocolate as choclat, separate as seprate, or memory as memry. The schwa vowel is thus omitted. The vowel sound schwa is also found in two-syllable words such as alone, pencil, syringe, and taken. Children commonly misrepresent the schwa vowel and spell these words: ulone for alone, pencol for pencil, suringe for syringe, and takin for taken. It is still the vowel in the unstressed syllable that is featured in this case. ... This time, it is substituted with another incorrect vowel. These aforementioned misunderstandings generally disappear as the child advances in his reasoning and knowledge of the English language, learns conventional alternatives for representing sounds, and begins to apply patterning including syllables and a visual sense to his spelling.(Heembrock, Roberta. Why Kids Cant Spell: A Practical Guide to the Missing Component in Language Proficiency, Rowman Littlefield, 2008.) Schwa and the Evolution of Language [T]here is one vowel, now quite common in the languages of the world, that is ... unlikely to have been in the inventories of earliest languages. This is the schwa vowel, [É™], as in the second syllable of English sofa. ... In English, schwa is the classic weak vowel, not used in any crucial contrasting function, but as a variant of (almost) any vowel in unstressed position. ... Not all languages have a schwa vowel, weakening an unstressed vowel as English does. But many languages with similar rhythmic properties to English have an equivalent to the English schwa vowel. It seems likely that the earliest languages, before they had had time to evolve such weakening rules, would not have had a schwa vowel.(Hurford, James R. The Origins of Language, Oxford University Press, 2014.)

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Getting A Scholarship For Basketball - 1445 Words

Here is Kyla. She is 17 years old a senior in high school and wants to go to college but is more looking into getting a scholarship for basketball if not she might not be able to go. She has two other younger siblings. They live in Chicago, IL ; in a two bedroom apartment funded by the state. Her mom works two jobs making about 50,000/yr and her father makes minimum wage working as a garbage man making about 25,000/yr. They are able to go about one or two small vacations a year. Winters are the worst because they live back to back on their paychecks. Sometimes life is very hard especially with all of the taxes living in one of the worst taxed states of all; Illinois. Seventy percent of the population in illinois fall into the middle/ low class society. We have been facing this problem of losing the middle class for a while and it is now starting to become a major problem; Pew Research Center says , â€Å" Americans are defined as adults whose annual household income is two-thir ds to double the national median, about $42,000 to $126,000 annually in 2014 dollars for a household of three. Under this definition, the middle class made up 50% of the U.S. adult population in 2015, down from 61% in 1971 (Pew Research). Therefore; the government needs to strive towards keeping the middle class in the United States. and this shows how the middle class has been decreasing over the years. Supply and demand, laws, societies, economies, all of these things have to deal with theShow MoreRelatedA Student Athlete s Scholarship1491 Words   |  6 Pagesmaking top Division I schools millions of dollars, but; why aren’t athlete’s getting any? In recent times, there has been a huge question that’s in the heads of athletes, coaches, parents which is should they get paid for their play on the field. In many universities the average scholarship is worth $29,671 according to a Bleacher Report article by Kay Jennings. Jennings also stated that a student-athlete’s scholarship varies from an in state and out state recruit. It was stated that â€Å"in-stateRead MoreAlmighty Scholarship1487 Words   |  6 PagesChallenges to Receive the Almighty Scholarship Dollar Scholarships are distributed differently between Division 1 and Division 2 athletics. The NCAA does not appear to be concerned with the roster size of a team when developing the rules governing how scholarships are distributed. A high school athlete’s dream is a full ride to their favored college. However, reality is, the scholarship offered can be far less, dependent upon the sport they play. Football and basketball are the favored sports at the collegiateRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?1591 Words   |  7 Pageschoosing, if the athletes were good enough they would receive a scholarship, that comes with a free education, free housing, and a free meal plan. A discussed topic is should college athletes be paid because of all the hard work and revenue that they bring towards their universities, or should they remain unpaid because they are already receiving enough. In the article â€Å"Pay to play: should college athletes be paid?† Many get scholarships, which h elp pay for their tuition, supplies, housing, and sportingRead More Should College Athletes be Paid? Essay1510 Words   |  7 Pagespoor on the field and off the field as well. According to Fred Bowen, â€Å"only football and men’s basketball are money-making college sports. Most others, such as field hockey, wrestling and swimming, do not attract big crowds or make big bucks.† (Should college athletes get paid?). Also the sports team that give out the most money for athletes to come and play for them, are football and men’s basketball. â€Å"Critics of paying college athletes note that only a small number of them compete in sports orRead MoreCollege Athletes Should Not Be Paid1513 Words   |  7 Pages College institutions under the NCAA should be required to pay their athletes more than just a scholarship. College athletes are being manipulated every day. Student athletes are working day in and day out to meet academic standards and to keep their level of play competitive. These athletes need to be rewarded and credited for their achievements. Not only are these athletes not being compensated for, but they are also living with no money because they aren t allowed to hold a job that pays anRead MoreCollege Athletes Should Be Paid1097 Words   |  5 Pagesget to the college level. Their time and dedication is often paid off with the chance to play sports in college. Getting the opportunity to participate in college sports is one thing. Getting paid to do so is another. It is no secret that college athletics bring in the big bucks. The two sports that bring in the most revenue are football and basketball. If football and basketball are the sports that bring in the most money, they will most likely be the only sports to get paid. There are many factorsRead MoreEssay On College Athletes Should Be Paid803 Words   |  4 PagesComing from a student athlete I know how much hard work and dedication is required to be successful on the field/court wherever the sport is taken place, let alone in the classroom. In 2011-2012 the NCAA reported $876.1 million dollars in revenue. Basketball generated roughly $293 million, baseball generated roughly $419 thousand and football the rest. The University of Texas generated more than $93 million in 2011-2012.(â€Å"How Much Money Do College Sports Generate?† ) I believe the NCAA makes more thanRead MoreColl ege athletes sould be paid to play1364 Words   |  6 Pagestime colleges now such as Kansas, Kentucky, Baylor, Duke, Michigan St all basketball, and Alabama, LSU for football grab millions of dollars each year. The athletes for those teams such as Austin Rivers, Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson, Jeremy Lamb, Andrew Luck, and many more get scholarships worth $250,000 at the most. Another reason people believe that college athletes should be paid is because some athletes are not getting paid from what others are benefiting from. It is obvious that big companiesRead MoreShould College Sports Be Banned?1301 Words   |  6 Pagesconferences they’re affiliated with. Division I college sports, most notably football and basketball, provide a huge source of universities’ income. The schools generate revenue from selling tickets, their various television contracts, and merchandise that supports the sport programs, along with many other sports related revenue builders. The athle tes however, get a scholarship and not much else. While the thought of getting a free ride through college is something not many people would protest. When theRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?971 Words   |  4 Pages College is about getting an education and creating a better future for yourself, not about making money. Nowadays some college athletes think they re all that and should be paid for the sport they play. It seem to be that there forgetting that they already get to go to college for a discounted price or in some cases for free. College athletes think they should get paid for all there services they provide to the school and the revenue they bring in. First, how are colleges going to pay the